Your personal Chaperone

In Adelaide SA only

Companion for a day

We can do all types of activities!

• Be a companion with people who have disabilities; independently

• Support you to join a new group, or to join sporting activities.

• Go for a coffee and have a chat  •  Mentoring  •  Just hanging out 
•  Shopping  • a 'Girlie' day out  •  Supporting you with appointments

• Gym buddy   •  Events  •  Going to the Park  • Go to a Bar

•  Go to the Beach  •   Walking  •  Swimming/hydrotherapy
•   Picnics  • Wing-woman  •   Travel buddy

How does this work?

Our service is extremely easy to use.
We are Adelaide based.
We will meet you in some public area that is safe for both of us, and we can chat over a coffee and go from there. 
Remember our first meeting is FREE!

But you can buy coffee & cake if you like.

What we cannot not do?

We are NOT support workers so there are few things
we are unable to do for our clients...

  • We won't tell our clients what to do, its up to them to let us know.
  • We cannot do any heavy lifting so we will not be lifting anyone.
  • We are not qualified to do any 'personal care'.
  • We do not take anyone to venues or events where it is unsafe to do so.
  • We will not give anyone money.
  • We are not qualified to give medication.
  • If we feel uncomfortable or unsafe we will let the client know, and take them home safely.
  • Our clients must be no younger than 5 years old.

0431 936 481

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Why use

People are using for all different kinds of friendly activities.
Here are just a few real examples that people are using for...



  • People with disability or without who travel to Adelaide can hire us  to show them around town. 
    It's always good to know someone from the area who can give you first hand information about where to go and what to avoid. (wheelchair accessible or not)
  • Someone might want to see a movie or go out to a restaurant but don't have anyone to go with.  They could now "hire a companion" to go along with them.
  • People with disabilities who travel often for business that are looking to find local Friends to go out to dinner with, go to the bar with, or watch a movie!
  • People who have an extra ticket to a sporting event or concert but don’t want to go alone.  Or if you have a 'Companion Card' we can go with you at no extra cost.
  • You may want a workout buddy for the gym.  We’ll be there to support and motivate you during your workout. We can even pick you up and drop you home afterwards

We are a lot cheaper than
hiring a 'social'  support worker!



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